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Looking to Cash Out?

You're not alone, we see it all the time.

Most beneficiaries of inherited properties would rather cash out than deal with the hassle of updating their property before selling

We couldn't believe it. Mom died after battling cancer for 3 years. We miss her terribly. Those last years were hard, and her house was neglected. The last thing my brothers and I wanted to do was another huge project. Thanks for giving us top dollar for the condition the house was in. It's such a relief to move on.

Betty Black, Texas

Why Sell Inherited Property?


Avoid Fighting With Other Beneficiaries

Grieving is difficult, and tensions surface that have been otherwise buried. Escape the pain.


Other Bills?

Unlock the equity in the home fast so you can pay off creditors and not have to dig into your own pockets.

Avoid The Hassles Of Remodeling

Remodeling takes time, money, and coordination. Are you ready for a big project like that?

Sell As Is

Remove what you want and leave the rest. We donate valuable items to charity and professionally dispose of the rest.

What a relief. Dad needed money for a procedure, but all of his money was tied up in his house. The reverse mortgage had been helping with his bills, but we needed a lot more than that.  We sold his home to Cash Out Homes and got him his procedure. He's doing great. Thanks Cash Out Homes for your hard work and taking care of all the stuff Dad had been hoarding since Mom died.  When I told my friend how easy it was, my neighbor was impressed. Look out for a call from Margaret L.

M. Harvard Williamson, California

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