What to Do Around Gallatin and Hendersonville

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, both Hendersonville and Gallatin serve as hubs of rich history, vibrant community spirit, and an ever-evolving tapestry of cultural events. As bustling epicenters of Sumner County, these towns offer an array of seasonal festivals that not only celebrate the essence of Southern charm but also provide an immersive experience into the traditions and talents of its residents. From the historic allure of the Gallatin Main Street Festival to the festive celebrations of Christmas on the Square, here's an in-depth guide to the region's most anticipated events that encapsulate the heart and soul of these charming Tennessee towns.

Here are some of our favorite things to do when we aren't building estate plans:

Gallatin Main Street Festival:

    - What it is: A day-long celebration that occupies the heart of Gallatin's historic downtown square. 

    - Features: The festival typically showcases over 200 vendors offering crafts, food, and information. There's a children's area with activities and games, and multiple stages provide live entertainment throughout the day. 

    - Significance: It's an opportunity for local artisans, businesses, and organizations to connect with the community, and for residents to celebrate the city's vibrant culture.

Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival

    - What it is: An annual celebration held in Portland, Tennessee, that honors the community's rich history in strawberry farming and its longstanding reputation as a top producer of the fruit in the state.

    - Features:

         - Parade: One of the festival's highlights, it showcases local schools, bands, community groups, and floats.

         - Live Entertainment: Throughout the festival, visitors can enjoy various live performances, including music and dance.

         - Vendor Booths: Numerous booths feature arts, crafts, food, and, of course, an array of strawberry-themed products and treats.

         - Children's Activities: Kid-friendly zones with games, rides, and interactive activities make it a family-friendly event.

         - Strawberry-eating contests, strawberry-themed games, and more.

    - Significance: The Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival not only pays homage to the region's agricultural history but also serves as a major community event that brings together residents and visitors alike. It showcases the sense of unity and pride within the community, promoting local businesses, artisans, and farmers. The festival acts as a reminder of the area's traditions while also serving as a contemporary celebration that evolves with each passing year.

Hendersonville Freedom Festival:

    - What it is: Hendersonville's Fourth of July celebration. 

    - Features: The festival culminates in a grand fireworks display, but leading up to that, attendees can enjoy live music, a variety of food vendors, and fun activities for kids. 

    - Significance: It's a patriotic community gathering that celebrates the nation's independence while also showcasing local talent and cuisine.

Tennessee Renaissance Festival:

    - What it is: An annual event that transports visitors back to 16th Century England. 

    - Features: The festival ground replicates a historic English village, complete with jousting tournaments, period performances like minstrels and jesters, artisans selling handcrafted wares, and various food vendors offering period-appropriate fare. Castle Gwynn, a modern-day castle, is also open for tours during the festival.

    - Significance: It's an educational and entertaining experience that celebrates history, arts, and crafts in a unique setting.

Sumner County Fair:

    - What it is: A traditional county fair celebrating Sumner County's agricultural and cultural heritage. 

    - Features: Livestock shows, pageants, carnival rides, games, food vendors, and live entertainment.

    - Significance: It's an event that brings the community together, offering a platform for locals to showcase their talents, whether in farming, arts, or entertainment.

Hendersonville Farmers Market:

    - What it is: A weekly gathering during warmer months where local producers and artisans come to sell their goods.

    - Features: Fresh produce, baked goods, handcrafted items, and often live musical performances or other entertainment. 

    - Significance: It supports local farmers and artisans, promoting a sustainable and local economy while offering residents fresh and local products.

Christmas on the Square:

    - What it is: Gallatin's festive holiday event in the historic downtown square.

    - Features: A parade showcasing local organizations, a tree lighting ceremony, festive vendor booths, and holiday-themed entertainment.

    - Significance: It kicks off the holiday season in Gallatin, fostering community spirit and togetherness.

Christmas Parade in Hendersonville:

    - What it is: A holiday parade that winds through the streets of Hendersonville.

    - Features: Floats, marching bands, dance troupes, and local organizations participate, spreading holiday cheer. 

    - Significance: It's a hallmark of the holiday season in Hendersonville, bringing residents together in celebration.

Hendersonville Half Marathon:

    - What it is: A half marathon race through Hendersonville, which also serves as a charity event.

    - Features: Participants run a 13.1-mile course. The event often raises funds for local charities or causes.

    - Significance: Beyond being a competitive race, it's an event that emphasizes health, community, and philanthropy.

Gallatin Ghost Walk

    - What it is: The Gallatin Ghost Walk is a guided tour in Gallatin, Tennessee that provides a unique way to engage with the city's history. For locals and visitors alike, it offers a different perspective on familiar places, blending factual history with the intrigue of the unknown. For those interested in the paranormal, it's an opportunity to hear about reported hauntings firsthand, and for history buffs, it offers a deeper dive into Gallatin's past.

    - Features: At various stops, the guide will share tales of reported ghost sightings, unexplained phenomena, or tragic events that have given rise to legends of hauntings.

    - Significance:  The Gallatin Ghost Walk provides a unique way to engage with the city's history. For locals and visitors alike, it offers a different perspective on familiar places, blending factual history with the intrigue of the unknown. For those interested in the paranormal, it's an opportunity to hear about reported hauntings firsthand, and for history buffs, it offers a deeper dive into Gallatin's past.

Historic Rock Castle: Located in Hendersonville, the Historic Rock Castle offers a glimpse into Tennessee's past. Tours of the estate provide a rich history of the area, and there are often events and concerts held on the grounds.

Drakes Creek Park: This park in Hendersonville is great for a day out. With walking trails, playgrounds, and sports courts, it might be a lovely place to take your grandchildren or simply enjoy a day outside.

The Streets of Indian Lake: This upscale shopping center in Hendersonville offers a mix of popular retailers, boutiques, and restaurants. With your comfortable salary, you might find some treasures here.

Hendersonville Strike and Spare: This popular bowling and arcade is a great place to have fun times with family and friends.

Old Hickory Lake: This is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and picnicking. Rent a boat for the day or simply enjoy the beautiful views.

Gallatin's Downtown Square: Wander around the historic downtown square in Gallatin, which offers quaint shops, restaurants, and occasionally hosts local events and festivals.

Gallatin Civic Center: This facility has a pool, racquetball courts, and a gym. If you're into fitness or just want to take a swim, this is a great spot.

Bledsoe Creek State Park: Located in Gallatin, this park offers hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and campgrounds. It's a great place to immerse yourself in nature.

Wine and Paint: There are several studios in the area that offer wine and painting events. It's a fun way to relax, get creative, and socialize.

Monthly Art Walk: Check out the local arts scene with monthly events that showcase local artisans and their works. Gallatin and Hendersonville both have vibrant arts communities that you can support.

Local theaters: The Palace Theater in Gallatin along with the Hendersonville Performing Arts Company and Actors Point Theatre Company offer various shows and plays throughout the year. Catching a show can be a wonderful evening out.